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Bearly Legal Hemp - "CupHolder" Jar - 10 Hemp Joints

Bearly Legal Hemp - "CupHolder" 10 Joints/ Per Jar Whats Included: 1 Jar of 10 Bearly Legal Premium Hemp Pre-Rolls ...
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Bearly Legal Hemp - "CupHolder" 10 Joints/ Per Jar

Whats Included:

  • 1 Jar of 10 Bearly Legal Premium Hemp Pre-Rolls



Why Bearly Legal Hemp™?

Simply put Bearly Legal Hemp™ produces the highest quality hemp and hemp pre-rolls anywhere. All of our hemp genetics come from the top name sources in the industry and as we grow and continue to harvest we have developed many of our own unique genetic strains to produce proprietary cultivar you can't find anywhere else.

Why is Bearly Legal Hemp™ Better?

We do not source outside hemp. All of our hemp is from our own indoor grow facilities located in Upstate NY... which we use year-round, in 100% organic soil, in a climate-controlled clean rooms with every aspect of the grow being meticulously monitored. We are perfectionists... and the product we produces showcases this.

What is Bearly Legal Hemp™ Like?

The end result is a stunning boutique grade Hemp Flower which pushes the boundaries of THC compliancy (While staying under .3 Delta-9-THC). If needed, we also produce under Total THC compliant flower for certain state or customer requirements. 

What is Bearly Legal Hemp™ Different?

Maximizing the CBD and the cannabinoid contents like CBN, CBG and others, Bearly Legal Hemp™ breeds our hemp strains to produce unique and diverse terpene profiles to deliver not only specific entourage effects but to produce amazing flavors & aromas to cater to the true connoisseur. We are truly bringing a next-level product to the market. 

How Fresh is  Bearly Legal Hemp™

Growing indoors allows us to harvest on bi-weekly bases and stagger them out in different steps. This means that we are in constant phases of harvesting, drying, curing, breeding, cloning & more. Which ultimately means the freshest, properly dried, cold-cured & tastiest and most desirable hemp to you. 

Then What?

Once Bearly Legal Hemp™ is actually finished, cured and ready to be sold. We do not simply take the trim and make our pre-rolls with this lower quality material. We take the best of the best colas and trim them, then run them through our multi stage shredder. From there we run this material through a 5 stage sifter, to remove any unwantables such as stems, seeds (very rare) and and anything that may alter or diminish the product... and yes... then we do it again.

What we end up with is the perfect hemp pre-roll material for a perfect, even burn, taste and flavor. 

How do you Pack the Pre-Rolls?

At Bearly Legal Hemp™ we use the highly praised RocketBox by STM Canna to fill our hemp pre-rolls. This is the highest grade commercial pre-roll machine on the market (and probably most expensive) and it delivers the best pack, consistency and burn rate out of any pre-roll machine we have tested.

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