Puffco Plus Vison Concentrate vape pen device
FULL FEATURES Coil-less ceramic bowl Built in extendable loading tool Built in carb cap 3 heat settings Sesh-mode functionality Fast charging / long battery life Precision machined alloy housing Fingerprint resistant coating
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Savage CBD Disposable Vape Pens
200mg full spectrum CBD disposable pens Flavors: Berry Mint Mango Citrus Strawberry Melon   Ingredients: Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerine, Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Natural and Artificial flavor concentrate.
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Urth CBD Vape Cartridges - 8 Pack Retail Ready Display
Urth CBD Vape Cartridges - 8 Pack Retail Ready Display All of our carefully crafted carts offer 300mg of active CBD distillate paired with naturally occurring terpenes (flavoring derived from each individual strand) to enhance the absorption and effect of...
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Urth CBD Prefilled Vape Cartridges & Tanks
" This Product Contains 0.03% THC Or Less."  Sour Diesel (Energizing) -  This fast-acting strain can deliver an energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes. Pineapple Express (Hungry) - Taste. This hard-hitting sativa dominant hybrid has been known to provide nausea...
from $34.99
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